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Organix Banana, Peach & Apple Muesli 200g


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Growing up means moving closer to grown up food, exploring more adventurous tastes and texture challenges. So, at Organix, we’ve made a truly tasty muesli that combines chunky oats, soft fruit and crispy puffs that will get your baby’s mouth really chewing, and feeling new, exciting sensations.
Encouraging your little one to explore taste and texture is great because it helps to build confidence and enjoyment with food as well as being an important milestone in their development. To add your own personal twist, why not include some finely chopped pumpkin seeds or chunks of fresh fruit.

Key stages
6+ months Stage 1
When your baby’s starting out, keep tastes simple and textures smooth. Like our Baby Rice or Stage 1 porridges, both with light and fluffy textures.
7+ months Stage 2
If you and your baby are ready to move on, try our Stage 2 cereals. There are small crispy pieces and tiny chewable chunks of real organic fruit for them to explore and enjoy.
10+ months Stage 3
As your baby’s sense of adventure with food grows, try more of a mix with our Stage 3 muesli. With chunky oats, pieces of fruit and crispy puffs they really get those little mouths going and starting to chew.

Organix wants a world where healthy nutritious food is a real choice for everyone. We’re committed to setting standards in our food & never adding anything unnecessary. It’s our No Junk Promise. We campaign for better food choices because we want the best for you and your family every step of the way.
Learning new textures, A truly tasty, chunky organic muesli made with fruit, rice and oat flakes, Always organic, Nothing unnecessary, Setting standards, No junk promise, Suitable for vegetarians


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